A friend here in France once described me as millefeuille...yes, like the French dessert. But not because I'm super sweet (or creamy or flakey) but rather layered from the experiences I've had, the places I've lived, the jobs I've paid rent with, and the interests I nurture like children. Sort of a prettier take on the peeling the onion expression, I have always loved the use of the word outside its usual culinary milieu. 


I also love talking about pop culture. Whether it's a long-distance call with an old friend and a commercial from the 80s comes up or thinking about some inappropriate movie I wished was my life, or dissecting a record that inspired me to dye my hair purple...bleach it...or cut it all off...there is a story for every moment.


This winter, I'm super excited to announce The Pop Culture Mille-Feuille, a layered podcast where I'll sit down with guests to talk about the songs, books, movies, and moments that had an impact on their lives and creativity. 


I'll be recording out of my attic in France to talk with actors, authors, illustrators, chefs, zine editors, screenwriters, travel experts, and more! I'm excited to share these conversations with you.


(Warning: I kind of have an ugly laugh. I'll try to edit the snorts out.)


Check out the podcast's Twitter and Instagram page for updates!