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#1: the 90s and novel gossip

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

March 12, 2021

Hello and welcome to my newsletter!

I feel like I just moved into a new apartment as I poke around and get a feel for the place. Everything seems so much fancier since my blogging days of yore. I remember I had to code everything and's all available to me. Like magic.

To start off, how did you like that 90's quiz? If you didn't do it, you can join my mailing list and take it here!

I wanted to keep the questions going but in the end had to stop myself and even eliminate some because, well, we all have lives. And even though I created the quiz, I had trouble answering some of the questions myself because how could you possibly choose between the My So-Called Life Boiler Room episode (gaaaaaaaah!) and Brenda finding out that her BFF was shtupping her BF. (It still bothers me.)

As for who I got, it depended on my answers but I toed the line between the 90's feminist and the indie rock nerd because I was definitely not cool enough to be Cher in Clueless (that was my best friend), dark enough to be goth (that was my other best friend), and was too cynical to be a 90's dead head (that was my brother).

So I'm a mix between 90's feminist who finds Weezer's "Buddy Holly" video incredibly sexy and a prepubescent boy who nerded out in AOL indie rock chat rooms worshipping at the altar of Pavement's Steve Malkmus.

True story: My mom once asked me if I was having cybersex. Cybersex.

I'm just going to leave a picture of me in the 90's here.

I'll let you recover from this photo by sending a huge thanks to all of you who have reached out on Instagram or Twitter letting me know which icon you got. I'm absolutely loving the response and the excitement, which was what I was hoping for so please do keep 'em coming!

Which icon did you get? I know I missed plenty of personalities (like hello, huge techno scene in the 90s that I totally didn't include) so let me know who you were hoping to see and didn't.

What throwback song on the playlist, I mean, mixtape, are you totally vibing on?

For me, it's been "The Right Kind of Love" by Jeremy Jordan on the pop mix. (Do you remember it? It's the song Donna played on the jukebox at the end of 90210..."Jeremy Jordan..alright.") onto real talk.

What's with all this 90s stuff? Aren't I the girl in Paris who had all that weird stuff happen to me?

Why yes. Yes, I am. Hi.

Okay, getting off my Carrie Bradshaw high horse now because maybe you have no idea who the hell I am and are in it for the quiz. I feel you.

In brief, I had a blog about Paris and all the brouhaha that went with me just doing everything wrong there. The expectation was then to follow in the footsteps of so many and write a book about it. I had spent over a year writing it. And I hated it. And so did my mom. Dis.

The reason being was because my heart was not in it. And for me, not creating from the heart results in a pile of dogshit. So, I took a break from any publishing aspirations but continued free-writing...I then had a baby...started a small translating business...moved to the French countryside...bought a house...lost grandparents...and...AND...started doing Youtube yoga. Things got pretty serious around here.

And then something else happened...something else? How could it even be? I mean, after Youtube yoga what else is there?

So, all those years of aimlessly writing at 4am at my kitchen table or at the local creperie that opened their doors early while they prepared for the lunch shift, started to materialize into something. And it wasn't what I thought it would be.

Taking a major detour...going against what I thought my dreams were of writing the great Paris memoir I began to write a in fiction. And it wasn't set in present day.

But the ultimate wasn't set in Paris.

What in the...

Not to worry though, France does creep in....because girl can't help herself. I'm still waiting to get my official blurb back, which I'll share here but for the time being here's a little amuse-bouche into the story... Set in 2000, the novel revisits the post-Gen X and pre-Millennial era with wry humor and soft 90's nostalgia. A sexy coming-of-age story that reminds you that we're never quite ready to become an adult. More details soon....until then, bon week-end!

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