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Slanted and Disenchanted Mixtape

The audiobook tour with Audiobookworm Promotions has begun. It's always exciting when you hear back from new readers, whether the book worked out or not. The truth is, it doesn't always work out. I've had a book reviewer stop reading halfway because she didn't enjoy the story, while on the same day, another blogger hailed it as the Top 10 Book of 2021. Like music, books are so subjective and there is not one single book or piece of music that is for "everyone". Even The Beatles. (Although I do get suspicious when people declare they don't like The Beatles because, really, there isn't one song? "Sexy Sadie", for one?)

Anyway, back to the tour...It is getting off to a good start and kicked off on the book blog Excuse Me, I'm Reading.

For this stop, we decided to change it up and toss in a fun playlist of all the songs that inspired me while writing the novel. The book itself comes with a playlist in the back, but for the audiobook tour, I've niched it a little tighter since there is so much music in the damn book, I wanted to make it more accessible, which you can check out here 👇!

I'll keep posting further tour stops, but in the meantime, enjoy the playlist! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram to tell me how you're enjoying it, any memories you have attached to the songs, and anything else that comes to mind like, maybe you really don't like The fucking Beatles. 😂 I'd love to hear from you!

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