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"One of the best debut novels I've read in a long time...addicting [and] beautifully written."


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"Absolutely brilliant...fabulous character development...[an] amazing debut novel."


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"Impressive character building and storytelling..."


"Beautifully written....a witty debut full of heart."


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"Takes you through every emotion possible..."


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"I loved the writing style. The author nailed what it is like growing from teen to adult."



"It was a blast...with quirky and fantabulous writing, characters I love to death, and a plot I wholeheartedly enjoyed."


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“A blast from the past [with] references to 90s pop culture. I could relate to [the characters’] thoughts, feelings and situations…”


Zine features and contributions


Essay in

Ra Ra Rebel Issue 6


Author interview + Exclusive Excerpt

Slut Cake #12

Interviews and podcast appearances


Coming Soon!

Chatted with Beck on the Grrls Like Us podcast in the UK to talk about feminist rock, riot grrrl, and the music that inspired the characters in my novel.

I even got to spin three of my favorite tracks from the 60s to the 90s! 


Coming Soon!

Sat down with Allison Grant Lounes on the Profiles in Franceformation podcast to talk about my wonky and uncertain journey in France and how living here continues to inspire my writing. 

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Author interview talking about my favorite authors and all the weird jobs I've had.

2021-09-26 03_11_12-Slanted and Disenchanted by Lisa Czarina Michaud- Jazzy Book

Author interview talking about writing, inspiration...and that time I met J.Lo.

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Author interview talking about my writing routine, my character inspiration and all things writing!


Feature in Issue #1305 of Good Times Magazine

Long Island's premier rock magazine!


Interview on the Writer's Drinking Coffee podcast where we talk about recovery, my paternal jazz roots, and of course, Carla and Pete gossip!


Live appearance on The Adam Messer Show on 107.5 FM in Savannah, Georgia!

We talk about books we'll never publish, music from metal to late-90s pop and Adam plays a track from my late grandmother's 1960s jazz album.


Interview with Eric Z on the Successful Authors Podcast where we talk about my favorite drunk karaoke song, who I'd like to have dinner with living or dead, my literary crush, and why not...White Zombie.