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Complete advanced praise for Slanted and Disenchanted

"Lisa Czarina Michaud captures the sparkling highs and epic lows of young adulthood, as her characters feel the red-hot power of music striking like a lightning bolt to their hearts. With blistered fingers tearing through chords, she channels the desperate need for connection and immobilizing self-doubt. But also reveals something deeper through its storytelling, something undeniable and impossible for her characters to yet understand."

Michelle Leon

Babes in Toyland and author, I Live Inside


"Smart and funny...a coming-of-age story for the High Fidelity set...a journey through youth, second loves, and the power of connection through art."

Brett Sills

author, Shoveling Snow

"Slanted and Disenchanted crackles with the heart-pounding, meaning-seeking, garage rock energy of two young musicians. Carla and Pete are incredibly well-drawn, and their obsessive love of music is so palpable and real that you will hear every song and feel you’re right there on stage with them, rooting for them to fall headlong into the great unknown together. Michaud offers us a front-row ticket to an inspired, complex, and incredibly poignant live show. If you love a great story as much as I do, you won’t be able to look away from the stage or to put this book down, until you reach the final song."

Jason Allen

author, The East End

"The most musically infused story I've ever had the pleasure of devouring."

Corny O'Connell

WFUV Fordham University On-Air Host

"Slanted and Disenchanted conjures up the wistful daydreams and perpetual uncertainty that inspires young people to climb onto dingy stages in dive bars to make a joyful racket hoping for acceptance, respect, love, and just maybe enough gas money to make it to the next show."

Chris Appelgren

The PeeChees and owner, Lookout! Records

"Perfectly captures the way almost every young adult has ever felt: out of place, misunderstood, and desperate to find a home in someone else... Michaud infuses her branded humor into this nostalgic tale of young love, treating us to 90's references that Gen X'ers will appreciate, and those who "had to be there" will wish they had been a part of. This coming-of-age story is packed with passion, music, and a kind of hope that reminds you it's never too late to be who you truly want to be."

Cara Alwill

author, Girl On Fire and host, Style Your Mind podcast

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